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www.AllPersonalWebsites.com is a portal, recently-launched, for personal web-listings / blogs about individuals where:

• An individual like you can create and have your own "ready-made" personal web-listing / blog simply by inputting text and upload images through an easy-to-use content management system (CMS).

Except for the prohibition of posting contents with sexual, illegal and / or inappropriate content, etc, you have the flexibility to post any content about yourself, your family / relatives and / or people you know, and events, activities, happenings and contents you like that you would like (the world at large to know).

You can also get a personal website / blog with a separate domain name for a small annual fee. Thus, you need not spend much time, effort and / or money to create your own personal website / blog through market available "free" website builders which may not be so user-friendly to create a website.

• If your friends or people you know have personal web-listings / websites / blogs through this portal, you can find their personal web-listings / websites / blogs either within this portal AND / OR go directly to their personal websites / blogs if their websites / blogs have separate domain names.

A personal website / blog, as opposed to other social media, will allow you to post more details about yourself, etc in a more orderly and readable format or layout. It can be used to complement or supplement your accounts on other social media.

If you are a business / company looking to create a business / company listing and / or business / company website, please go to our sister portals - www.AllBusinessHub.com and / or www.AllDistrictsHub.com.

How it works?

If you also subscribe to our service of creating your own personal website / blog with separate domain name, you ONLY have to input your text / upload images ONCE and your text / images will be displayed on your personal Listing page on AllPersonalWebsites.com as well as your own personal website / blog with a separate domain name that you have selected / purchased.

For example, if your name is Angela Ng, you can have domain name for your personal website / blog like www.AngelaNg.com (subject to the domain name not already purchased by others) and not www.AllPersonalWebsites.com/AngelaNg.php or www.AngelaNg.AllPersonalWebsites.com (what is commonly known as 2nd level domain name).

Click on "Click for more information" to find out more on:

- how we can help you have an online / internet presence with a personal listing page on www.AllPersonalWebsites.com and / or personal website / blog for FREE or at a very attractive subscription / price package.

- about our unique features which allow you to have your own personal website / blog with separate domain name at a very attractive price. One of our unique features is we provide you FLEXIBILITY in creating a personal website / blog that looks different from even other websites created through this portal / website.

- many advertising spaces (banner advertisement sliders, static banners and spaces) and Featured advertisement spaces available on the various pages of this website / portal.

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